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Deinking Of Recycled Fibers In A Flotationflow Loop

Nov 30 2001 various industrialflotation cellsare available and comparisons between them have been made after the air bubbles are introduced in theflotation cell they move upward collectinginkparticles ontheirway the froth containing theinkis removed by

Comparison Ofinternal And External Mixer Spargersin A

Columnflotationhas been introduced for waste paperdeinkingto take advantage of low capitalcostand excellent separation performance bubble generation employs a variety of systems broadly

Flotation Reagents Mineral Processing Metallurgy

This data on chemicals and mixtures of chemicals in frothflotationwith some of the more commonflotation reagents and theiruses

Deinking Of Recycled Fibers In A Flotation Cell Request Pdf

Request pdf deinking of recycled fibers in a flotation cell conventional laboratoryscaleflotation cells used to studyinkremoval from pulp slurries have various shortcomings in most

Ep1388370a1 Method For Removing Impuritiesfrom An

It can advantageously contain severalflotation cells which of the flow through the suspension in succession in the example shown here sixflotation cells10 to 15 of the firstflotationstage 1 are drawn the pass 5 of aflotation cellis withdrawn and via pump 6 of the nextflotation cellfed again a new ventilation takes place

Processes Free Fulltext Modeling The Separation Of

Bioprocesses for the production of renewable energies and materials lack efficient separation processes for the utilized microorganisms such as algae and yeasts dissolved airflotationdaf and microflotation are promising approaches to overcome this problem the efficiency of these processes depends on the ability of microorganisms to aggregate with microbubbles in theflotationtank

Wo2009044149a1 Method Of Frothflotationcontrol

Cellmethod froth recovery frothflotationprior art date 20071004 application number pctgb2008003348 other languages french fr inventor johannes jacobus le roux cilliers original assignee imperial innovations limited priority date the priority date is an assumption and is not a

Deinkingof Recycled Pulps Using Columnflotation Energy

Columnflotationhas been introduced for waste paperdeinkingto take advantage of low capitalcostand excellent separation performance bubble generation employs a variety of systems broadly

Parameters Of Deinking Efficiency In An Industrial

The rise of the froth retention time in theflotation cellfrom 5 to 20 s before removal gave a general decrease in theflotationloss from 20 to 11 without a corresponding decrease ininkremoval

Comparison Ofinternal And External Mixer Spargersin A

Columnflotationhas been introduced for waste paperdeinkingto take advantage of low capitalcostand excellent separation performance bubble generation employs a variety of systems broadly

Bubble Injected Hydrocycloneflotation Cell The United

The key feature of the airinjected hydrocycloneflotation cellsis the tangential injection of the bubbles so that the mineral slurry must move through a bubble swarm before exiting through the hydrocyclone apex the hydrocycloneflotation celldimensions are adjustable according to accepted practice for hydrocyclone classification design

Us4971685a Bubble Injected Hydrocycloneflotation Cell

A method and apparatus for selectively separating a mixture of hydrophobic and hydrophilic mineral particles a mineral pulp is prepared which includes minerals ground to a predetermined size a bubble slurry is then prepared which includes a gas entrained in a liquid to form bubbles of a predetermined size the mineral pulp and bubble slurry are simultaneously injected into thecellapparatus

Lec5 Ms Flotation Industrial Processes Chemical

The process of separation of mixed liberated particles from each other if there are sufficient differences intheirwetability is calledflotation streams by particulate floatationdeinkingof waste paper a number offlotation cellsare connected in series such that overflow eachcelloutput froth goes into a launder underflow

Process For The Deinking Of Printed Waste Paper Akzona

May 06 1986 what is claimed is 1 in an improvedprocess for the deinking of printed waste paperwhich comprises 1 treating the waste paper in a pulper at an alkaline ph with alkali silicate an oxidatively active bleaching agent an acid selected from the group consisting of fatty acids and resinic acids containing more than 10 carbon atoms and mixtures thereof and a dispersing agent and 2

Ep2443281a1 Deinking Process Google Patents

The present invention provides a process for deinking printed waste paper comprising the steps of a converting the printed waste paper to an aqueous pulp slurry in a pulper whereinkis detached from paper pulp b subjecting the pulp slurry toflotationin order to remove hydrophobic contaminants includinginkfrom the pulp slurry saidflotationbeing carried out in the presence of a

Flotation Costdefinition Investopediacom

Mar 22 2020 the difference between thecostof new equity and thecostof existing equity is theflotation cost which is 207200 07 in other words theflotation costsincreased thecostof

Valorization Of Waste Streams From Deinked Pulp Mills

The pulp suspension was dispersed for 12 min in a laboratory mixer kenwood germany theflotationwas conducted in a laboratoryflotation celldelta 25 voith germany at a consistency of 13 the air supply was set to 74 lmin theflotationreject representing the ds was collected in a bucket and the amount was determined

Frothflotation Definition Offrothflotationand

Froth flotationis one of the processes used to recover recycled paperin the paper industry this step is called deinking or justflotation the target is to release and remove the hydrophobic contaminants from the recycled paper the contaminants are mostly printinginkand stickiesnormally the setup is a two stage system with 34 or 5flotation cellsin series

Us4959123a Process For Deinking Printed Waste Paper

Process for deinking printed waste paperby treatment of the paper pulp in a pulper at alkaline ph values using alkali silicate oxidative bleaches higher fatty andor resinic acids and dispersants and separation of the detached printinginkparticles from the fiber suspension byflotation the fatty andor resinic acids being used in the form oftheiralkaline earth metal salts in fine

Flotation Ore Dressing Britannica

Flotationis widely used to concentrate copper lead and zinc minerals which commonly accompany one another intheirores many complex ore mixtures formerly of little value have become major sources of certain metals by means of theflotationprocess this article was most recently revised and updated by chelsey parrottsheffer research editor

Benchmarking Energy Use In The Paper Industry A

Jul 13 2012 energy consumption offlotationdepends largely on the amount offlotation cells which is in its turn closely related to the end product requirements structural effect process related energy improvement measures indeinkingcould be found in the design of piping and the types of air injectors applied european integrated pollution

Froth Pumps For Frothflotation Mining Paperpulp And

Known asdeinkingin the paper and pulp industry this process is used to remove hydrophobic contaminants from the recycled paper the contaminants are mainly comprised of printinginkand adhesive residue normally the setup is a twostage system with up toflotation cellsin a series

Dissolved Air Flotationsystems Beckart Environmental

Beckartsdissolved air flotationsystems can treat more than 5000 gallons of contaminated wastewater per day supplementalflotation cellsare also available if you need to increase your treatment capacity as your business grows equipment applications ourdissolved air flotationsystems can isolate a wide range of suspended solids

Frothflotationapparatus And Method The Black Clawson

Apparatus for separating contaminant particles from liquid suspension stock eg in thedeinkingof used news print is characterized by one or more of a plurality of features which contribute to increasing the capacity and effectiveness of the apparatus including the provision of acellcomprising inner and outer annular chambers of substantially equal depth with the inlet and outlet